JELOUSY GWG *Follow-up*


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Genetics: Gelato #41 x Sherbet x Secret.
Indica – Sativa / Feminized.
Flowering: 65 – 70 days.
Effect: Strong / Balanced / Relaxing & Mental / Physical & Energizing.
Flavour: Fresh/ Fruity / Citric notes / Earthy hints / Diesel.
Height: medium / high.
Yield: Medium – High 500-600 g/m2 indoor / 600 g plant outdoor.
Terpenes: Pepper / Citrus / Herbal.
THC: 18-20%
CBD: Low.

“From the @greenbudseeds seed bank, another variety for the next follow-up, Gelato #41 X Sherbet, another cross that sounds delicious, we’ll see it as the weeks go by, greetings.” GreenTest


“Del banco de semillas @greenbudseeds otra variedad para el próximo seguimiento, Gelato #41 X Sherbet, otro cruce que suena delicioso, ya lo iremos viendo al pasar las semanas, un saludo.”

“With good roots, the Jelousy has grown well this week and is healthy despite the cold weather, but it resists well and has not been stressed, so it is now ready for transplanting into the 11-liter fabric pot that will be the final one. all the best!”


“Con buenas raices la Jelousy GWG ha crecido bien esta semana y está sana pese al frío que está haciendo, pero resiste bien y no se ha estresado, así que preparada ya para el trasplante a la maceta de tela de 11 litros que será ya la definitiva, un saludo!”

“Jealousy GWG from @greenbudseeds, beautiful, healthy and happy, what more could you ask for? It grows at a good pace, I’m going to raise the Ec 0.7 with pH 5.9, I’m going to leave it for a few days and I’ll start thinking about pruning and transfer it to flowering, greetings, see you soon.” ( Cannaboomsl Fullcrem – Magig Products – magic led 640 w)


“Jealousy GWG está bella, sana y feliz, que más se puede pedir? crece a buen ritmo, le voy a subir la Ec 0’7 con pH 5’9, voy a dejar unos días y iré pensando en la poda y pasarlas a floración, saludo la vemos pronto.”

“This week it grew and stretched a lot, they are pretty with that green, I think it’s going well, I see it healthy and stress-free, today I have passed them to flora 12/12 and the menu is ready for this phase, now the good part begins, we will see it soon.
pH 6.00 and Ec 0.8, 24/18°C temperature and 45% humidity.”


“Esta semana creció y estiró bastante, están bonita con ese verde, pienso que va bien, la veo sana y libre de estrés, hoy las he pasado a flora 12/12h y ya está con el menú para esta fase, ahora empieza lo bueno, la vemos pronto.
pH 6’00 y Ec 0’8, 24/18°C temperatura y 45%humedad.”

” The first flowers are beginning to show, it continues to grow fast, it looks good, a variety that makes me start to salivate just hearing its name, we will see it soon. Eq. 0’9 Ph 6’1 temp. 18/24°C hum. 45%”


“Empiezan a verse las primeras flores, sigue creciendo rápido, tiene buen aspecto, una variedad que me hace empezar a salivar solo con escuchar su nombre, la veremos pronto. Ec. 0’9 Ph 6’1 temp. 18/24°C hum. 45%”

“Jealousy GWG progresses well, it is forming its flowers, nothing more for the moment, we will see it soon.
Ec1,0 Ph6.2 Temperature 17/24ºC humidity 45%.”


“Jealousy GWG progresa bien va formando sus flores, de momento nada mas, la vemos pronto.
Ec1,0 Ph6.2 Temperatura 17/24ºC humedad 45%.”

“Jealousy from the seed bank @greenbudseeds, its flowers grow, fatten and compact, there won’t be much left, I’m going to feed it one more time and I’ll clean it with Glucos from Trabe so that it doesn’t dry me lose warmth and not much weight, we will see you again shortly.”


“Sus flores crecen, engordan y se compactan, no quedara mucho, la voy a alimentar una vez mas y la pasare a limpieza con Glucos de Trabe para que en el secado no me pierda calida y no mucho peso, la volvemos a ver en breve.”

“The super appetizing Jealousy GWG from the @greenbudseeds bank is at its optimum moment to put the scissors in it and the harvest has arrived, the aroma is intoxicating and extremely sweet, with maximum trichomes and it seems frosty, a variety with perfect results and easy to grow , the usual thing to look at what he is asking for and make him feel comfortable, nothing more. Variety 10, highly recommended, I’ll tell you when I enjoy it.”


“La super apetitosa Jealousy GWG del banco @greenbudseeds está en su momento óptimo para meterle la tijera y llegó la cosecha, el aroma es embriagador y dulcísimo, al máximo de tricomas y parece escarchada, una variedad de resultado perfecto y de fácil cultivo, lo de siempre mirar lo que va pidiendo y conseguir que se encuentre agusto, nada más. Variedad 10, muy recomendable ya os contaré cuando la disfrute.”

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