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Genetics: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies x Secret.
Indica – Sativa / Feminized.
Flowering: 60-65 days.
Effect: Strong / Physical / Relaxing.
Flavour: Sweet / Earthy / Apple / Butter hints / Matured cheese notes.
Height: medium.
Yield: Medium – High 400-500 g/m2 indoor / 500-600 g plant outdoor.
Terpenes: Pepper / Citrus / Pine.
THC: 22-25%
CBD: Low.

“For the next follow up we have selected the Apple Fritter variety from the Greenbud seeds seed bank. Why? Because she is mostly indica but well balanced, very sweet and fruity, potent with generous crops and easy to grow, so she has a little bit of everything good, let’s star!” GreenTest


“Para la próximo cultivo hemos seleccionado la variedad Apple Fritter del banco de semillas @greenbudseeds. ¿Por qué? Mayormente índica pero equilibrada, muy dulce y afrutada, potente con altos porcentajes y fácil de cultivar, así que tiene un poco de todo lo bueno, ¡empezaremos con ella en breve!”

“The Greenbud seeds variety Apple Fritter has grown well this week, it is well rooted and healthy despite the cold weather, but it resists perfectly and has not been stressed, so it is now ready for transplanting into the 11-liter fabric pot that will be her final flowerpot, greetings!”


“La variedad Apple Fritter de Greenbud seeds ha crecido bien esta semana, está bien enraizada y sana a pesar del frío, pero resiste perfectamente y no se ha estresado, por lo que ya está lista para trasplantar a la maceta de tela de 11 litros que será su maceta final, saludos!”

Apple Fritter from Greenbud seeds, I have already pruned it, a good cleaning below, in that area it hardly receives light and I think it is better to favor the upper part of the plant, I do not let it grow much because it is indoor S.O.G. I am going to leave it for a few days to recover and I put it at 12 hours, the Ec 0.7 and pH 5.8,
Temperature 24/18 °C and humidity 45%.


Apple Fritter de @greenbudseeds , ya la he podado, una buena limpieza por debajo, en esa zona no recibe apenas luz y creo que es mejor favorecer la parte alta de la planta, no la dejo crecer mucho porque es indoor S.O.G. la voy a dejar unos días para que se recupere y la pongo a 12 horas, la Ec 0’7 y pH 5’8,
Temperatura 24/18 °C y la humedad 45%.

1st week of flora of Apple Fritter from Greenbud seeds grows fast, has a nice color, is beautiful and healthy, all good, see you soon. Ec 0.9 pH 6.0 temp. 18/24 humid. 40/45%.
Led lighting: magic led 640w.


1° semana de flora de Apple Fritter de @greenbudseeds crece veloz, tiene un bonito color, esta preciosa y sana, todo bien, la vemos pronto. Ec 0’9 pH 6’0 temp. 18/24 humed. 40/45 %.

Apple Fritter from Greenbud seeds seed bank, we haven’t seen it in a while, at first it gave me a little work but at the beginning of the fattening phase it’s perfect and it’s going to give a good result, we’ll see it soon.
Temp.18/26°C Hum.45°C, Ec.1.5 pH 6.3


Apple Fritter from Greenbud Seeds , we haven’t seen it for a long time, at first it gave me a bit of work but at the beginning of the fattening phase it is perfect and it will give a good result, we will see it soon.
Temp.18/26°C Hum.45°C, Ec.1.5 pH 6.3

Apple Fritter from Greenbud seeds with a very peculiar and different aroma, it will fit quite well, I think it will take a couple more weeks to clean, this is almost done, I’ll be enjoying it shortly, we’ll see you soon.
Ec1’6 Ph6’4, Temp18/27°C hum40%


Apple Fritter de @greenbudseeds con un aroma muy peculiar y diferente, va bastante bien le quedará, creo un par de semanas más la limpieza, esto esta casi hecho, en breve la estaré disfrutando, la vemos pronto.
Ec1’6 Ph6’4, Temp18/27°C hum40%

Another fantastic variety from the USA that I was unaware of and it surprises me is Apple Fritter from @greenbudseeds. I love it for its sweet smell of sweet apple, for its ease of cultivation, its production and the quality of the large and compact flowers full of trichomes, so another good one recommendation to put in your self-cultivation.


Otra fantástica variedad EEUU que desconocía y me sorprende, es Apple Fritter de @greenbudseeds me encanta por su olor dulce a manzana dulce, por su facilidad de cultivo, su producción y calidad de las flores grandes y compactas llenas de tricomas, así que otra buena recomendación para poner en tu autocultivo.

Have a great day!!

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