Feminized cannabis seeds indoor and outdoor



Feminized marijuana seeds are the result of years of research to obtain seeds which produce only female plants, avoiding hermaphroditism in a 99,9% under optimal conditions. They are obtained by pollinating the flowers of a female plant with pollen from a reversed male.
Feminized seeds provide significant benefits to every kind of cannabis grower since they speed up cultivation and are the best choice for indoor growing thanks to their stability, high yielding, final product quality, space saving and easy growing, while for outdoor growing they are best suited to grow in the warm season. In other words, when we plant feminized marijuana seeds, we are simplifying and optimizing cultivation, as we ensure the sex of the plants. This is a crucial factor for any cannabis grower when deciding, since we know how many plants we will be growing from the start, thus avoiding the difficulties associated to regular seeds: the need for more space, having to wait for several weeks until we can determine the sex of the plant to sort out the males… in the end, a waste of resources. We will also have a bigger control over the size of the plants by adjusting light hours in accordance with the available space. Therefore, growing feminized marijuana seeds is a safe bet, especially for those beginning to grow marijuana, both indoors and outdoors, as it saves space, time and money. In the Greenbud catalogue, our feminized seeds are developed according to the most strict quality standards and tested in extreme conditions to ensure optimal results both in indoor and outdoor growing. The unique flavour and aroma of our strains can leave no one indifferent for their bearing, resistance, potency and special organoleptic properties.