Autoflowering seeds


Automatic or autoflowering seeds are the result of crossing cannabis strains non-dependant on the photoperiod, either feminized or regular, with other autoflowering strains or Rudelaris genetics native to Eastern Europe and other world areas with adverse weather conditions (few sunlight hours, low temperatures…). They are characterised by their resistance, hardness and most of all by their ability to flower regardless of how many sunlight hours they get. Autoflowering marijuana seeds produce discreet plants which can go unnoticed in gardens and balconies thanks to their short height. This makes them the ideal choice for growers with little time and space, as their short lifespan makes them less likely to be at risk for plagues and diseases. Their growing period is short, two to four weeks, and then the flowering period comes naturally, allowing good results in a couple of months. The results are great in both indoor and outdoor gardens and you can grow them any time of the year, although it is recommended to plant during the months between May and August when they are grown outdoors. In warm climates, when autoflowering seeds are planted outdoors, their short lifespan allows for two or three harvests a year. In Greenbud you will find a wide range of high-yielding autoflowering marijuana seeds of outstanding quality, selected according to strict quality controls, in which we have combined the potency and aroma of Sativa and Indica strains with Rudelaris genetics. As a result we obtain hard, resistant cannabis plants with unique aromas and flavours, apt for both outdoor and indoor growing, tested in extreme conditions to ensure the best results whether you are an expert cannabis grower or you are just taking your first steps in the world of home-growing.